SET-UP FOR EXHIBITORS 25th October 2017, 16:00 - 18:00

DISMANTLE FOR EXHIBITORS 26th October, 2017 17:00 - 20:00


WE regulations are designed to ensure that all stand exhibits comply with current legislation. • Water displayed and dispensed must have been bottled in compliance with WE regulations. Bottlers who exhibit must have current approved licences and permits.
• Electrical, mechanical or hydraulic equipment must have the appropriate and valid safety and conformity certificates.
• Materials used with food products must comply with the relevant European Directives for use in contact with food.
• Water coolers and dispensers exhibited are required to have been tested according to the WE sanitary protocols.
• Certificates of Compliance to WE approved standards must be available for inspection prior to the opening of the event.


1. Event

Idea & Marketing is the Organiser of the 2017 Watercoolers Europe Conference & Fair that will take place in Kraków, Poland, on 24th-26th October 2017 in the ICE KRAKÓW CONGRESS CENTRE. The Watercoolers Europe Association (hereinafter referred to as WE) hereby declares that the Organiser is authorised to take any action relating to the planning, administration and organisation of the 2017 Watercoolers Europe Conference & Fair in Kraków.

2. Participation

The Organiser shall determine and enable exhibitors to participate in the Event. Exhibitors may exhibit solely and exclusively the equipment and products that are manufactured or designed by them, or for which they are an agent or distributor; otherwise, they must attach a list of brands whose products they intend to exhibit or whose services they intend to present on their application form. After examining each application, the Organiser may permit products or services to be exhibited that are not directly connected with the theme of the Event but may be of benefit to the Event. Retail sale is prohibited during the course of the Event. Each exhibitor shall exhibit the products and equipment in accordance with the law and regulations applicable in Poland, excluding products or equipment intended for use outside the territory of Poland. Moreover, each exhibitor shall be legally bound to refrain from conducting any advertising campaigns that are misleading or that constitute unfair competition.

3. Registration

All applications must be submitted on the official “Exhibition Stand Application Form” made available by the Organiser. A pre-payment of PLN 6,675 must be paid to the bank account of the Organiser by the deadline set by the Organiser. If the pre-payment is not received by the deadline, the acceptance given by the Organiser shall be considered null and void. The submission of the Application Form does not guarantee that the Application will be accepted. Amendments and decisions made by the Exhibitor are not binding on the Organiser or WE unless they are confirmed by e-mail by the Organiser. An agreement is concluded between the Parties once the confirmation of acceptance of the “Exhibition Stand Application Form“ is sent by the Organiser to the e-mail address of the exhibitor and the pre-payment of PLN 6,675 is paid by the exhibitor. The information contained in the “Application Form” and in the “Exhibition Terms & Conditions” shall form an integral part of the Event conditions and the agreement between the Parties.

4. Registration confirmation and payment of stand rental fees

The acceptance of the Application Form will be confirmed by the Organiser by e-mail. Such confirmation shall be valid solely and exclusively for the exhibitor named therein. The Agreement between the Organiser and the Exhibitor shall take effect solely and exclusively once the confirmation thereof has been received at the e-mail address of the exhibitor and the pre-payment of PLN 6,675 has been paid. The Organiser shall be responsible for the entire course of the Event and for the spatial allocation of stands after verifying the Application Form. The Organiser shall have the right to reject an Application and the Exhibitor has no legal guarantee that his Application will be accepted. The Organiser reserves the right to revoke the acceptance in the event where an Exhibitor provides false information or if an exhibitor no longer possesses the appropriate qualifications, including Membership of the relevant category of Watercoolers Europe. The exhibitor shall receive an offer for the stand and rental thereof together with the confirmation of acceptance of the Application at the e-mail address of the exhibitor once the pre-payment of PLN 6,675 has been received. The balance of the stand rental shall be paid by 31st July 2017. If the payment is not made before that date, the Organiser shall have the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect, revoke the confirmation of acceptance, rent the stand to a different exhibitor and seek compensation for the non-fulfillment of the conditions of the Agreement. The stand price shall include VAT at the rate applicable at the date of issue of the final invoice or the date of the payment thereof, whichever is the later.

5. Stand allocation and changes

The exhibitors shall receive a detailed exhibition floor plan once their application form is accepted by the Organiser. The Organiser shall be responsible for allocating the stand space according to the theme and layout of the Event, taking into account, as far as possible, the wishes expressed by the exhibitor, the nature of the products and/or services rendered. Stand locations shall not be allocated solely on the basis of the instructions contained in the Application forms. Should an exhibitor fail to submit the stand arrangement plan to the Organiser by 31st August 2017, the Organiser shall divide the stand area according to a typical basic stand design. The Organiser may permit several neighbouring stands to be connected to one another. If the designs submitted by the exhibitors require more materials and/or labour than a basic stand, the Organiser shall charge the exhibitor with the additional costs. The maximum stand height shall not exceed 250 cm. All changes relating to the exhibition space and changes in the stand fittings must be made no later than 31st August 2017. Any exhibitor constructing their own stand shall provide the Organiser with the architectural design no later than one month before the start of the Event. The Organiser shall be entitled to, where necessary, modify the size, shape and location of the stands. The exhibitor shall be immediately notified of any changes in the location or shape of the stand. Should any modifications be made, the exhibitor shall pay all additional costs on the basis of a relevant VAT invoice issued by the Organiser. If the modifications are not approved by the exhibitor, the exhibitor shall be entitled to raise objections within three days of receiving notice. Neither party is entitled to pursue any claims in this respect. In addition, the exhibitor shall accept that the location of the other stands at the opening of the Event may differ from the original allocation of stand sites. The exhibitor may not exchange the stand site allocated to them with other exhibitors or transfer it to a third person in part or in full without the written consent of the Organiser. The exhibition floor plan given to the exhibitor shall specify the location of the stand as precisely as possible. The exhibitor shall be responsible for verifying the conformity of the layout plan of the allocated space prior to assembly of the stand. The Organiser shall not be liable for any differences between the characteristics of the stand presented on the layout and its actual size and appearance. The layout presents the general location of the other stands in relation to the site allocated to the exhibitor. The layout, valid on the date of its drawing up, is given for information purposes only and is liable to modifications that do not have to be communicated to the exhibitor.

6. Assignment / Sub-letting

Without the prior written consent of the Organiser, an exhibitor shall not transfer, sub-let or share, with or without payment, all or part of the stand location allocated to them within the Event. Exhibitors may be granted the right to exhibit a group presentation, providing each of them submits a prior request to the Organiser for approval.

7. Price

The price of the stands is specified by the Organiser and may be modified by the Organiser if there is a modification in the constituent component rates, including, but not limited to, changes in the cost of materials, labour, transport and services as well as tax and social charges.

8. Withdrawal of application. Termination of Agreement

The exhibitor shall have the right to withdraw his application up until it is accepted by the Organiser. Once the registration is confirmed, the exhibitor may no longer effectively withdraw his application or reduce the size of the requested stand. If the exhibitor withdraws from participating in the Event or repudiates or terminates the Agreement, the exhibitor shall pay a contractual penalty equal to the applicable stand rental fee and reimburse the Organiser for all costs incurred in connection therewith. If the exhibitor withdraws from participating in the Event and warrants that the stand area allocated to them will be taken over by another exhibitor, they shall be required to pay a contractual penalty equal to 50% of the gross stand rental fee. The Organiser shall have the right to offset the amount of the contractual penalty against the amount of the pre-payment made by the exhibitor.

9. Postponement or cancellation of the Event

The Organiser reserves the right to postpone, shorten, temporarily or fully close or cancel the Event where circumstances arise requiring such a decision to be taken. In the event of the postponement of, or change in, the duration of the Event, the exhibitor’s registration remains valid for six months. The Organiser shall also be entitled to cancel or shorten the planned Event where there is insufficient interest among exhibitors in participating in the Event.

10. Stand assembly and design

The take-over of the stand by the exhibitor from the Organiser shall imply that the exhibitor raises no objections as to the state of the stand. The stand must be constructed in compliance with the building, fire and other public safety regulations as well as the in-house rules and regulations and exhibition terms and conditions regarding the Event venue (ICE KRAKÓW CONGRESS CENTRE). The exhibitor is required to comply with all technical instructions provided by the Organiser. Where necessary, a special permit shall be issued by the building administration. Exhibitors shall be responsible for ensuring that a prior inspection of the exhibition space allocated to them is carried out in order to ensure that it is suitable for the intended purpose. The exhibitor is free to decide on the internal design of the stand but it must be in compliance with the overall exhibition plan. The Organiser shall be entitled to dispose of stand areas that are not assembled or occupied or contain an assembled stand in the designated time. Any exhibitor that violates any provision of the universally binding law or the in-house rules and regulations shall not be entitled to pursue claims in respect of the rental of the stand and shall not be entitled to reimbursement of costs relating to the rental of the stand. If any exhibitor requires more time to assemble his stand than had been foreseen, the Organiser may grant special permission to extend the stand assembly deadline. The stand must be properly equipped and staffed with qualified personnel for the entire duration of the Event during the specified opening times. Fixing exhibits on walls and ceilings of the stand shall be made in accordance with the methods approved by the Organiser. No objects or materials shall be screwed, hammered in or glued to the walls of the stand. It is absolutely forbidden in all the interiors where the Event is held to screw, hammer in, glue or lean any objects or materials against the walls or other permanent construction elements of the building. All repairs and modifications in the form of removing or adding materials used for the stand construction shall only be made with the express prior consent of the Organiser and when there are no visitors on the Event premises. Construction of the stands at the Event shall only be performed by companies that signed the Cooperation Agreement with the Organiser.

In the event where a space-only stand is booked, the exhibitors shall carry out all electrical fittings themselves, in accordance with the applicable regulations and technical conditions. The Organiser shall carry out the technical acceptance of the electrical fittings after the exhibitor submits the electrical wiring installation report to the Organiser. Should the exhibitor fail to present the report, the Organiser shall have the electrical wiring installed and shall charge the exhibitor with the costs incurred. Additional light sources and sockets may be installed upon prior written order submitted to the Organiser. Electrical energy exceeding 1.5 kW shall be calculated according to the exhibitor order and charged against the exhibitor pursuant to official electricity rates. Exhibitors shall ensure that floors in the building are protected against damage during the installation. All stands shall satisfy the requirements resulting from the provisions of law and the in-house rules and regulations of ICE KRAKÓW available from the ICE KRAKÓW CONGRESS CENTRE. All electricity connections shall satisfy the requirements resulting from the provisions of law and must remain within connection boxes. The exhibitor shall be responsible for removing the equipment, advertising materials and all other excess assembly material of the exhibitor. Exhibitors shall submit to the Organiser for approval a technical drawing of the stand at the latest one month before the start date of the Event. Exhibitors shall be responsible for all the objects displayed. Exhibitors shall bear all costs associated with the assembly of the stand as well as the costs of furniture and other accessories associated with the stands.
Smoking is strictly forbidden at the Conference & Fair venue.

11. Dismantling of stands

The dismantling of stands prior to the official closing of the Event is prohibited. Exhibits that are not dismantled by the end of the designated dismantling period may be removed at the exhibitor’s risk and expense. All costs relating to the packing, transporting and dismantling of exhibits and stands assembled by the exhibitor shall be borne by the exhibitor. The cost of repair of any damage to the exhibition floor space shall be covered by the exhibitor and repairs may be performed only by the company authorised by the Organiser in accordance with the explicit instructions of the Organiser. All exhibited objects or other items that have been brought in must be removed immediately following the end of the Event. If the exhibitor fails to do so, the Organiser may remove and store such at the exhibitor’s expense. If the objects remain in the premises used for the Event, the Organiser may charge a fee for the period of use of the premises.

12. Special authorizations

The installation of any machines, equipment or structures that require the space allocated to another exhibitor to be used may only be conducted with the authorization of the Organiser and on the date fixed by the Organiser.

13. Deliveries

The exhibitor shall be responsible for all actions connected with the transport and collection of goods. The exhibitor shall act in accordance with the instructions of the Organiser concerning the delivery and dispatch of goods, particularly with regard to vehicle circulation within the confines of the Event. The products and materials exhibited during the Event must not leave the Event venue until the Event has ended.

14. Additional connections

Electricity connections, telephone or Internet costs as well as sewage charges shall be charged in accordance with the rates agreed between the exhibitor and the Organiser. Exhibitors may request the abovementioned connections, in accordance with the technical possibilities offered at the Event venue, by 31st August 2017.

15. Customs Duty

It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to complete customs formalities connected with the transport of products and equipment from abroad. The Organiser shall not be responsible for any difficulties arising during the course of these formalities.

16. Intellectual property rights/Copyright

The exhibitor warrants that the copyrights in the exhibited products and equipment as well as other items belonging to the exhibitor are properly protected in accordance with the applicable provisions of law. The Organiser shall not accept responsibility in this regard. The exhibitor undertakes to take all necessary measures to ensure that copyrights relating to the exhibited products and equipment as well as all other copyrighted items belonging to the exhibitor are protected.

17. Publicity

Companies taking part in the Event retain the right to display their advertisements solely and exclusively within the boundaries of their rented stand. The advertising materials used cannot constitute a nuisance to other exhibitors. This applies in particular to audio and visual forms of advertising.

18. Catalogues

The Organiser reserves the exclusive right to publish and circulate the catalogue of exhibitors together with the advertising that appears therein. The Organiser may assign all or part of these rights to a third party without the consent of the exhibitor. The information necessary for preparing the catalogue shall be furnished by the exhibitors. Exhibitors are responsible for all the information they supply for entry in the catalogue. The Organiser shall not be held responsible for any omissions or errors in print or composition of the texts. The Organiser reserves the right to modify the catalogue or to introduce group entries if necessary. The Organiser may refuse to publish specific content in the official catalogue or may change the content of paid advertisements if it shall consider it detrimental to other exhibitors.

19. Exhibitor badges

Exhibitor badges authorise exhibitors to enter the Event site, subject to compliance with all the conditions stipulated by the Organiser. Moreover, only the holders of Passes, Invitation Cards and Entrance Tickets issued by the Organiser are authorised to enter the Event site.

20. Security

The Lessor (ICE KRAKÓW) shall be responsible for the general safety measures during the course of the Event. No special stand security is foreseen. If special security is required, however, only the company authorised by the Organiser may render such services.

21. Safety

The exhibitor agrees to abide by all the safety measures stipulated by the administrator or other authorised institutions, as well as all the provisions established by the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to verify that the required provisions and safety regulations are respected. The inspection may be carried out with the participation of the Organiser, the decisions of whom concerning the safety regulations shall be implemented with immediate effect.

22. Cleaning

The Organiser of the Event venue shall be responsible for ensuring that the aisles between the stands are cleaned once a day. The exhibitor shall maintain his stand during the opening hours of the Event in a clean and orderly state. The Organiser shall not be responsible for cleaning the stands.

23. Insurance

The Organiser shall only be responsible for its own acts and omissions as well as legal obligations and is covered by insurance for claims covered by statutory provisions. The insurance policy of the Organiser does not cover the individual liability of the exhibitors. Exhibitors are required to take out adequate insurance covering at least the objects and exhibits displayed as well as damage which may be sustained by persons or property in connection with participation in the Event. It is recommended that exhibitors take out additional insurance against loss or damage during transport. The Organiser accepts no liability in this respect. Where a stand is assembled by the exhibitor, the exhibitor shall insure the stand and present a copy of the relevant insurance policy as well as proof of payment of the relevant insurance premium to the Organiser one week prior to the Event.

24. Catering

All catering services during the Event shall be provided at the Event venue by a catering company employed by the Organiser.

25. Infringements of the Event Conditions

Where an exhibitor or its representative infringes the Exhibition Terms and Conditions, the Organiser shall have the right to close the stand at the expense of the exhibitor. In such a case, the exhibitor shall not have the right to seek compensation.

26. Complaints

All complaints relating to the Event shall be sent in writing by registered letter to WE no later than 7 days after the end of the Event. Complaints submitted after the expiry of the aforementioned period shall not be handled by WE. WE shall communicate its decision to the exhibitor that filed a given complaint within 30 days of receipt of the complaint. A decision by WE terminates the complaint procedure.

27. Amendments to the Exhibition Terms and Conditions

The Organiser reserves the right to amend the Exhibition Terms and Conditions. However, all rights acquired in accordance with the previous terms and conditions shall be fully respected. All amendments to the Exhibition Terms and Conditions shall be published at the www.we2017.eu website.

28. Liability

The liability of the Organiser shall be limited to liability for damage resulting from willful misconduct or negligence of the Organiser and shall not include liability for any indirect or consequential losses. The exhibitor shall bear the risk of damage to or loss of objects, exhibits or other items, including personal property, brought into the function rooms or the Event venue. The Organiser shall not be held liable for the loss or destruction of or damage to such objects. If the exhibitor is a company, the exhibitor shall be liable for all damage to buildings or furnishings caused by the exhibitor’s visitors or employees or other third parties associated with the exhibitor. The same applies if the exhibitor is a public law entity or an association. The Organiser may at any time require the exhibitor to provide security for damage (e.g., insurance, surety).

29. Personal data protection

The WATERCOOLERS EUROPE Association with its registered office in Brussels (Belgium) at 1 Place des Barricades – 1000 is the data controller of the personal data provided.
By accepting the Regulations and concluding the Agreement, the exhibitor agrees to the personal data provided being processed by the data controller. The data shall be processed in connection with the participation of the exhibitors in the Event and for the purpose of the performance of the Agreement. The provision of personal data is voluntary and the exhibitors have the right to access and correct their data.

30. Final provisions

The Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Poland. Any provision of the Agreement that is held to be invalid shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the Agreement.

31. Place of supply of services, jurisdiction and miscellaneous provisions 

The place of supply of the services provided by the Organiser is Poland. All disputes shall be settled by a court having jurisdiction over the registered office of the Organiser.